Boating near Palm Harbor, Florida

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Charter boats with accommodating captains are available for exploring, shelling, fishing and spectacular sunsets.

Visit several local beaches and parks by boat when you are here. Anclote Island is one example:


How to Get to Anclote Island


ancloteThe Anclote Key lighthouse is one of the more difficult lighthouses to visit since it is in a fairly remote location. Boat rental places are available out of the Anclote River area. No matter whether you rent a boat or bring your own, it is important to keep in mind that some areas can become very shallow and dangerous.


There are shallow rocks located to the southwest of Sunset Beach Park, and during low tide the area can be very difficult to navigate, even with a smaller boat. The channel coming out from the Anclote River area is surrounded on both sides by very shallow sandbars. As you near the island, it is imperative that you be cautious due to the fact that the waters near the island become extremely shallow and almost impassible with most boats in some areas.


The best place to land on Anclote Key to visit the lighthouse is near the pier, although the pier itself is off limits to the public. The pier area is also an excellent area to cast net for live bait if you want to try your hand at fishing. You can follow this pier to the lighthouse to get a view of the tower, but the grounds are still closed off to the general public. Occasionally the lighthouse is opened for people to climb and enjoy.


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